My move to Canada: The challenges

My move to Canada: The challenges

My move to Canada: The challenges

For most of my adult life and some of my childhood, I have wanted to live in Canada. There wasn’t a complex reason to it too, it was simply because as a child and till this day, I had never heard anything negative about Canada. I mean, Green Peace was started here and as a child it sounded like heaven. It has been about 8 years in the making, but I am finally here and while it is still peaceful, it has been a whole lot different from what I thought it would be. You know, little differences that when summed up become quite huge. Without further ado… I will first bring you to…

Update!!! A post on how I tackled each of the challenges

Number One – The Language
You see, I was born and I grew up in Nigeria and the only other country I have ever lived in was England. One would have thought it would be the culture (well I haven’t been out long enough to fully experience the culture, it has been quite normal so far) but then it has been the language. It hasn’t even been my accent. You see I speak English, yes. It is actually the only language I am great at, but then it is Queen’s English. Learning to say trash instead of bin, washroom instead of restroom or toilets for example has been an eye opener. I have struggled sometimes, not because I can’t speak English but because the words I am used to are not the same as the words used here. A somewhat confidence dampener.

Number Two – Blending in and networking
I have been here for about 3 months now and outside of people I met while volunteering and relationships I forged over MMA and boxing, I have not met anyone new. Friendship I would say, has been more difficult. I have left the house to have drinks (coffee, beer, whatever), exactly 3 times in the last 3 months and seeing as relationships are a good way of showing you are blending in, I would say that things don’t look so good. Hoping things change and change soon

Number Three – Making money
I have been looking for work since April(before I arrived) and it has left me feeling quite inadequate (really!). It reminds me of my years as a fresh graduate looking for work. Years I thought were far behind me. I have what I believed was a great resume, I look at it now and I am not so sure. I must have applied for close to a hundred jobs, I have had follow ups that have led to interviews and some that have led to nothing. I have had interviews I believed I did terribly in and a couple that I felt I did well in and it all came to nothing. I am still searching though but it hasn’t been great. I am either too qualified for roles or possess insufficient experience. These are jobs I know I would be great at, I mean anyone who can work successfully in Nigeria can work anywhere, right? I know finding IT jobs in Calgary right now isn’t exactly an easy ask but then.

My notes
It has been quite an insightful couple of months, I have learned a whole lot which I plan to put up in my next post. You know, helpful tips on how to hack it in Canada. I do hope to meet more people in the coming month, get a job and blend in. Learning the little changes needed with the language too so there’s that. I will leave you with a bunch of pics I have taken round and about Calgary.

Sunset in Calgary – Photo taken by me

Another photograph of the sun setting in Calgary – photo taken by me

A final photograph – Still taken by me

Thanks a lot for reading, I do plan to put up another post next week on my lessons learned


Written by John Dienye

An IT professional with over seven years of IT transformation experience in business analysis, information security, project coordination and enterprise service management

  • Cc says:

    Well, on the positive side, great pictures!!!

  • The W says:

    Persistence is key. Make sure your resume is prepared in the “Canadian format”, use job sites, do the basic and then some more… Socials – go out more, on purpose. Strike up conversations. Maybe try hangouts where post graduates visit often. Keep going out. 3 times isn’t good. Take it easy, change is never easy. All the best! Canada will be kind to you.

  • Wuloma Orike says:

    You will do just fine. Infuse a lot of patience in to your expectancy. As we Nigerians can be very impatient (don’t know if you are). Moving to a new country is very very challenging, no two ways about it. However it can also be very satisfying. It takes a very long time to settle in properly. Why do I think you will have more relationships when the job comes? I don’t know, but I think so. So just keep at it. You will be just fine. I must commend you for the bold step. Leaving one’s comfort zone is great risk that pays off eventually.

  • Tamie says:

    You’re sha adding to my nervousness.
    Relocating has been on my mind for a while now.
    Lemmi go ahead and read part 2 first, before saying plenty.

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